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Emergency Preparedness and Response for crisis, fire, floods, natural disasters, pandemics

In March of 2020, The Board of Supervisors removed Sheriff Alex Villanueva as the head of emergency operations, a critical component in leading Los Angeles County through any type of emergent crisis. His removal was due in part to an audit that identified the Sheriff's shortcomings during the 2018 deadly Woolsey Fire wherein Los Angeles County officials were unprepared to handle the mass evacuations, numerous disruptions and calls for mutual aid went unanswered.


As Sheriff I will perform this duty in partnership with all agencies to better serve the residents of Los Angeles County.

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Go Green - FightAddressing the homeless crisis and making a difference with the unhoused c

We must work towards reducing the numbers of those living on the streets beyond housing, especially as it relates to those who refuse to be housed because they suffer from Mental Illness or Substance Abuse. As Sheriff, I will work to do my part to help the unhoused and not just SWEEP them off the streets for a photo op. Los Angeles County deserves better.

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Go Green - Fighting Climate Change and being eco friendly - LA Sheriff Cover Page - Britta

As Sheriff I’m aware of the challenges our planet faces regarding climate changes. Our state and Los Angeles County face drought and fire danger annually. As the leader of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department I believe I can play a role in addressing these environmental challenges within my powers of running the largest Sheriff’s Department in our nation. Under my command as Sheriff of Los Angeles County I am committed to doing our share and will make our Department a “GO Green” Department within 30 days of taking office.

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Community Policing.png

From day one of my Administration, Community Policing will be the cornerstone of the Sheriff’s Department's new directive. In order to rebuild trust with the communities we serve we must begin by building and rebuilding relationships with the residents, community groups, clergy, businesses and schools we represent.  This will be amongst our highest priorities.  


Currently the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has lost its focus on community policing. Community policing helps all residents because it is a valuable crime reduction tool, its value and benefits have been overlooked by the Sheriff’s Department for far too long. We need to change the Department’s reputation and it starts by direct action. There must be improvements in how we want the residents of Los Angeles County to perceive our efforts of Community Policing.  Under my command we will be known for Community Policing, Not Deputy Gangs.

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Jail Reform Jail Reforms - Britta Steinbrenner Running for Los Angeles County Sheriff Agai

Los Angeles County has the largest County Jail System in the United States. 26% of the entire Sheriff Budget is spent on Jails. We must reduce the recidivism of inmates going in and out of the County Jail System.  The entire system is flawed due to lack of facility space and proper methods to reduce the revolving door of inmates. The antiquated county jail system has led to many lawsuits into the millions of dollars. I support innovative methods and plan to change the County Jail System from top to bottom.

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Deputy Gangs.png

One of my top priorities as Sheriff is to eliminate deputy gangs and the negative impact that it has on both the communities we are sworn to protect and serve but also on our hard working men and women who do their job in a professional way. This not only affects our department and employees, but all residents and the Community of Los Angeles County. 


I recognize that we cannot stop Deputies from congregating in their free time, but if they are participating in criminal activity on or off the job, they should be prosecuted and will be prosecuted under my command. 


My objective is simple: eliminate the deputy gangs within LASD, by providing academy training on the negative impacts these gangs and or cliques have internally within the Department and Externally with the public we serve. We will provide a reporting method to non uniformed Internal Affairs personnel, provide training for the line personnel, hold supervisors accountable and continually monitor the workplace to identify the signs of negative behavior. The current Sheriff refuses to act on this and I, as Sheriff will.

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Building Relationships With the County Board of Supervisors and the Civilian Oversight Reb

We don't always have to agree with other leaders, but we do have to work together to get things done and be professional in the process.

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Crime Reduction - Britta Steinbrenner Running for Los Angeles County Sheriff Against Sheri

In order to address the increase in crime we must look at multi-pronged solutions that include:

  1. Improve and implement New Sheriff’s Department tactics

  2. Develop new and improved partnerships with the business community.

  3. Expand Community partnerships and work more closely with the residents we serve.

  4. Address New and Unique Crime Trends head on including Smash & Grabs.

  5. Create a Hate Crime Task Force to combat Hate Crimes affecting all ethnicities and the LGBTQIA+ communities.

  6. Implement external strategies and efforts to change and modify portions of Propositions 47 & 57.

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Smash and Grabs Crime Reduction - Britta Steinbrenner Running for Los Angeles County Sheri

As seen in media reports across Los Angeles County, cities have been affected by “Smash and Grab Robberies” that have terrified business owners, shoppers, and the General Public. I have a plan to combat this and keep our residents and businesses safe.


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Britta Steinbrenner Open Letter to Deputies - Crime Reduction - Britta Steinbrenner Runnin

A letter to my fellow deputies addressing the direction I would like to take the department, my commitment to you, and what you can expect from me as a leader.

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