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Dear Voter,

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website to learn more about my candidacy for Sheriff of Los Angeles County.


I have worked for the Sheriff’s Department for 35 years, rising up the old fashioned way through hard work, in a male dominated profession.  Over my career, I have seen the greater good of the Department and also the failures of the Department.  


My plan is to both reform and modernize the Department and bring a high standard of policing to the people of Los Angeles County, while not failing you who call on us in a time of need.


I have a plan to take on the increases in crime head on by creating multiple task forces and implementing better allocations of staff resources through better tracking of crime increases and trends. 


Unlike the current Sheriff, I will open the books to show the need to increase the hiring of qualified individuals to join the Sheriff’s Department to help make our communities safer.


I am committed to reforming the Sheriff’s Department inside and out, through new leadership and surrounding myself with a team that wants to put an end to scandal and embarrassment.   I will surround myself with a command staff that is committed to rebuilding our image and hiring a staff that reflects the diversity of Los Angeles.  


Under my command we will be known for Community Policing, not Deputy Gangs! I will rebuild negative history patrol stations and create environmentally and community friendly stations with athletic fields, a community center, exercise equipment and walking/running tracks. These locations will offer after school programs and we will partner with anyone who wants to help bring communities together. These stations will become a model for community partnerships.


We must rebuild our jails and convert existing County facilities into Mental Health and Drug/Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers. These facilities can be used to help treat the Homeless and others who suffer from these types of  illnesses. These facilities will become models for humane treatment and make our streets and communities safer.


I will rebuild the relationship and work with the County Board of Supervisors. I will work with and will testify before the Civilian Oversight Commission to bring transparency and positive change to the Department.


The solutions to fixing the Department must come from within.  Unlike the current Sheriff, I will not blame others and will do my job by leading by example.  I will not fail you if given the responsibility to build a better Sheriff’s Department.  


I would be honored with your vote.

-Britta Steinbrenner

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