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Addressing the Increases in Crime 

The Problem

Crime rates are up, especially as it relates to violent crimes such as Homicides, Robberies, Assaults and Hate Crimes.  


As Sheriff I plan to address all crime increases head on through tangible and trackable methods.

Crime Strategies

In order to address the increase in crime we must look at multi-pronged solutions that include: 

  1. Improve and implement New Sheriff’s Department tactics

  2. Develop new and improved partnerships with the business community.

  3. Expand Community partnerships and work more closely with the residents we serve.

  4. Address New and Unique Crime Trends head on including Smash & Grabs.

  5. Create a Hate Crime Task Force to combat Hate Crimes affecting all ethnicities and the LGBTQIA+ communities.

  6. Implement external strategies and efforts to change and modify portions of Propositions 47 & 57.


New Sheriff’s Department Strategies and Tactics

  • Create regional task forces in the north, south, east, and central patrol divisions to target high crime areas.

  • Hire Crime Analysts to monitor crime trends, conduct research to target high crime areas and provide monthly reports and publications of statistics.

  • Determine and monitor crime trends by each patrol station’s assigned communities on a weekly basis.

  • Create dedicated patrol missions based on crime trend statistics and activities (drug dealing, mob criminal and cartel activity).

  • Staff a Special Assignment team at each patrol station to handle uptick in crime areas and conduct saturation patrols as needed by area.

  • Conduct weekly meetings with patrol Station taskforces where crime rates are increasing.

  • Station captains will take ownership of their stations and get  more involved with their communities and business owners. 

  • Host monthly meetings with communities and business owners to update them on crime patterns in their areas.

  • Patrol units will conduct high visibility patrol checks in problematic areas while interacting with the residents and business owners. 

  • Organize volunteers and patrol programs to be the eyes and ears for their community.

  • Expand Social media and create a New weekly TV show on crime.  This show will feature unsolved crimes and highlight LA County’s Most Wanted criminals.

Business Partnerships 


  • Host monthly town hall meetings to get business owners and residents more involved. These Town Halls will keep the community apprised of crime trends affecting their jurisdiction.

  • Create Business Watch districts in retail business corridors and manufacturing areas.

  • Create a Social Media Page for businesses to be informed on crime trends directly affecting businesses. This platform can also be used by businesses to communicate and share information in their communities.


Community Partnerships


  • Create new positions known as Community Liaison Deputies who will work directly with neighborhood organizations to better represent the department.

  • Station captains will meet with community groups, the business community and residents to gain the public's direct insight and input on matters affecting them. Captains will attend town hall meetings, community events, athletic events etc. 

  • The Sheriff’s Department will develop better media relationships to help publicize local crime trends, send out crime advisories and messages to the public to keep them informed.

  • Increase Deputy involvement with local schools and assist in providing after school tutoring, sports programs and school club participation.

  • Attend junior high / high schools’ events football/soccer games to support the students athletes. “LASD supports our students and athletes” and will use this motto to develop school partnerships. 

  • Seek out problematic areas and host community clean-ups or repair days to help beautify their neighborhoods.

(See Community Policing)

Smash & Grab Crime Trend

As seen in media reports, across Los Angeles County, cities have been affected by “Smash and Grab Robberies.” These crimes have terrified business owners, shoppers, and the General Public.


“We need the Sheriff and our Elected Officials to work together to combat this lawlessness regionally. I am committed to changing the current divide that the Sheriff chooses to have with the Board of Supervisors. I have drafted a Regional Plan of Attack to fight this crime trend that serves as a model for other cities and counties throughout California.”

My plan to fight Smash and Grab Robberies as Sheriff consists of:


  1. Working with the state legislature, and District Attorney to create Laws to specifically address Smash and Grab and Mob Criminal Activity. These types of crimes are simply put: “Organized Crime within a mob type setting”. We, as elected officials, need to work together to put teeth into existing laws or formulate new laws that work. We also need the District Attorney to file these types of cases for prosecution. 

  2. Create a Cybercrime Unit Taskforce that will track stolen goods that are sold online from these Smash and Grab robberies. This Task Force will monitor these types of robberies and the Sheriff will assign additional units to support other law enforcement agencies to catch these criminals.

  3. Create a Centralized Command Center where other departments can report these Smash and Grab robberies that take place within the Los Angeles County Region and neighboring counties such as Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside. We have the resources to track data and working relationships with other City Police Departments to see commonalities, trends and potentially identify these types of criminals. This will become the access point of information to track these crimes and individuals who commit these crimes.

  4. The LA County Sheriff’s Department will conduct High Visibility Saturation Patrols based upon the crimes reported and trends that relate to the types of merchandise that is being reported stolen.  

  5. Create a Toll-Free Hotline (for example: 1-800#) that the public can call to report:

  6. What they believe to be stolen goods being sold online

  7. Any type of criminal activity or potential suspects participating in these types of crimes anonymously. 

  8. We need this hotline so the community can be a part of the solution and they take ownership to help fight crime.

  9. I commend the Governor’s plan to dedicate $300 million in grant money for law enforcement agencies for improved crime fighting efforts. These plans fall in line with my commitment to addressing this lawlessness and commits the financial resources needed to combat this and other crime trends. 

"As Sheriff, I will work together with elected officials, the business community, and the public to protect the residents that we serve. I want to work with the District Attorney to make sure these criminals are prosecuted. In times like this, leaders need to lead, and given the opportunity I will lead us in this fight."

Hate Crimes


  • Create a Hate Crime Task Force that specializes in these crimes against ethnic minorities and members of the LGBTQIA+. 

  • Partner with other law enforcement agencies, the FBI, DEA, local Police Departments, and Fire departments as needed (in Arson Cases). Sheriff’s deputies and participating agencies will collectively work together to arrest criminals who commit these crimes. I will provide and assign the resources necessary to protect these communities.

  • Assign high visibility and saturation patrols in ethnic communities where hate crimes occur.

  • Present these Hate Crime Cases for consideration of special circumstances and enhanced filings to the U.S Attorney’s Office. There needs to be consequences and a deterrent for committing hate crimes. 

Modification of Prop 47 and Proposition 57

There are two methods to change existing laws that were approved by the voters via Statewide Propositions. 


1. Collect the required signatures within a 6 month period to make ballot deadlines set by California law. In order to make changes to Proposition 47 and or 57 and meet signature requirements and deadlines for the November 2022 Ballot, all requirements must be met by early June of 2022.


2. Lobby the State Legislature and have them draft specific language changes to Proposition 47 and or 57 and get those changes placed on the ballot for voter approval.

In order to meet the state required deadline in making the 2022 ballot:

Option #2 is the most REALISTIC option.  I am committed to working with the State Legislature to draft the changes needed to both Proposition 47 and 57 to help reduce crime.

Proposition 47

Proposition 47 was passed in 2014 by 60% of the voters in California.  Although the law has had some benefit in regards to prison and jail populations and the cost related savings of incarceration, the direct effect on crime increase has been significant.

Changes to Proposition 47 that I support are as follows:

Change the current stolen property value threshold of what is considered a Felony from $950 to $450. The $950 threshold has led to an increase of crime and thefts.  Criminals are aware of these new standards and are taking full advantage of this portion of the law.

This has the greatest impact on Small Businesses who, under the current threshold, suffer the greatest loss. Mom and Pop businesses must absorb these theft costs, putting greater financial strain on their businesses and families in these difficult times.

This has also allowed the same criminals to go right back out and commit the same offense once caught by law enforcement, because their crime is simply a citation without prosecution. In addition this has had an effect on Deputy and police morale who often arrest the same person, for the same crime, sometimes the very next day.

These same $450 thresholds also need to be applied to: Check Writing (bad checks), Drug possession, Receiving Stolen Property and check forgery. 

In addition, Criminal Smash and Grab thefts (Mob Mentality) needs to be included, charged as a felony and dollar value of goods stolen collectively as a “MOB,” set also at  $450.00. These crimes of terror and force create fear and panic for business owners, employees and witnesses. They are all victims of these crimes.

In lieu of Bail scheduling or sentencing, judges should have the authority to redirect sentencing to treatment centers, counseling or probation.


Place language within the new legislation amendments to Proposition 47 that requires an annual publication and accountability report of the financial benefits received from Prop 47. and how these proceeds were redirected.  Voters are entitled to know how their cost saving efforts are affecting society and public safety.
Proposition 57

Proposition 57 was passed in 2016 with 64% of the voters statewide. The drafting of this Proposition was done for multiple reasons and with the intention of: 

Reducing the state inmate population as mandated by the courts and to create opportunities for inmates to receive early release. This law had benefits by creating additional educational and rehabilitative programming in the state prison system.  
This has also led to an increase in crime by sending low level offenders to local jurisdictions and placing the physical and financial burden on county jails.

It also affected county jail systems statewide because many county jails, including Los Angeles County were also under court ordered population decreases. Los Angeles County took a double hit when it received an influx of state prisoners.  Then came Covid.


Changes to Proposition 57 that I support are as follows:


  1. Language in Proposition 57 is vague. The language in Prop 57 uses the terms Violent crimes and dangerous crimes. This language does not specify which crimes are considered violent.   New Prop 57 language must be included to spell out what specific types of crimes should be included in Prop 57.  This will eliminate any confusion for interpretation.

  2. State funding language must be added that specifies total dollars allotted per inmate that is sent to county jails.  This should include increases to cover law enforcement costs associated with in custody and costs for new educational programs. 

  3. Currently Pro 57 disregards the maximum sentence imposed by a  judge.   Consistency is needed to provide fair sentencing rules and standards, so that all inmates are treated equally. By setting guidelines and qualifications for all inmates, this provides a consistent set of terms for early release.

  4.  Subsidize increasing funding for more probation supervisors

More inmates are qualifying for early release because of their good behavior, which places a new burden on the probation system. As a result, the lack of manpower and supervision, higher levels of recidivism has become a byproduct of Prop 57.  

Although each local government is responsible for paying their portions of the associated costs, additional funding is needed to hire more Probation Officers to provide the necessary supervision and long term followup to help lower recidivism rates.

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